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My journey to finding Arbonne really began when I had Thea. I gained 65lbs while pregnant and afterwords could not loose the last 40lbs. After about a year and a half I looked into Arbonne but decided not to jump in (HUGE REGRET)

SO, as Theas second birthday was approaching quickly i was serious about loosing the weight- I started running every day and guess what!? I didn’t loose a pound- after two weeks of eating salads and running every day I did not budge in my weight.

So, I revisited Arbonne. This time I looked into the 30 days to healthy living and said ‘screw it’ bought the pack!


I lost 3lbs my first week doing the cleanse.

I lost a total of 11lbs from doing the cleanse.

This Journey to healthy living totally jump started my weight loss. Basically by doing the cleanse my body started getting rid of all the toxins and nasty food that had been stored in my Gi track- ew.

I started to see my body begin to respond like normal- act like normal- crave like normal!

I really can’t believe how well these products worked and I feel so good using them because they are so clean and healthy.

For someone like me, who has never had a reason to prioritize health or weight management this was a God send. NOT ONLY did I get the products with this 30 day cleanse but it comes with community! I was added to facebook group of girls constantly encouraging and sharing tips and thats what i needed to be successful!

So, If your interested and what to try the cleanse or just learn more email me!

Don’t Wait! trust me.

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