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My Sephora Day Out

My Sephora Day Out

I’ve been dying to get my hands on some Fenty. Just been too lazy to go to Sephora for a swatch!

But, Praise Be- Sephora lured me in with an in store facial and I got my swatch. ALLLLL the details are below- Yes, including deets about the Sephora facial!



Perk Facial:

-I will be taking another lunch break soon and going back. It was amazing!!

-A little weird that shoppers were walking by, but honestly it was not that many people at noon on Tuesday. but I would not do a weekend personally.

-Did not hurt or anything, could barely feel it! but, it did make my skin very red and i do not have sensitive skin, so be warned!

Fenty Beauty

-The best ever. I dont’t understand how more people are not freaking out about this.

-The primer is tacky but it works and keeps the makeup on in heat and everything!

-my color is 150, i would definitely go in store and get matched. The color I thought I was did not oxidize right on my skin in store!

Who doesn’t LOVE Sephora?! Maybe ill see you at my next perk facial




Atlantis - Paradise Island

Atlantis - Paradise Island